The Wild Blue Yonder

Thankfully, the world is full of mysteries. I live in hope that some may eventually be resolved, but some will forever remain impenetrable, such as ‘just what is it about Bluebells?’ Where do they get[…]

Sounds of spring

I can never remember when each season is officially supposed to start, but am happy to report that after several false starts Spring seems to have arrived (at least in my neck of the woods)[…]

The sound of breathing

Another sunny – stripped back, soon to be spring – Sunday, another walk in the woods.  How English, how middle class can you get? I don’t care, sometimes the effort of stepping outside the stereotype[…]


There’s something about those tiny, hurtling, hunting scraps of life that always makes me smile…swallows, swifts, martens. I love them all. They always seem to me expressive of the sheer joy of flight, madly attempting[…]


view all the pictures Friday night in the woods.  I know, it sounds a bit dubious, but bear with me.  Last friday it was worth it.   Artist Linda Johns currently has 9 artworks tucked[…]

Swimming in the woods

view all the pictures Lying on my back on a bench on a sunny, breezy afternoon watching the trees dance against the scudding clouds.  I was suddenly seized by a powerful feeling of being underwater[…]

Basket of light

Found a special place a couple of weekends ago, although it took me a while to realise it. I wandered around a bit, taking in the sun-drenched loveliness of every prospect, and a few photos.[…]