Allan Davies

Firestick I’ve done this – try and come up with some concise, more or less coherant information about me – a time or  two now, but it doesn’t seem to get any easier. Don’t know why. Given that the whole point of this site is (ostensibly) to put me across to a (supposedly) eager waiting world, the difficulty involved in doing this bit seems almost perverse.

Draw from that what you will….beats me.

OK, so I look more or less like the picture. It was shot a couple of years ago (by my crazy Italian friend Carlo) but I don’t think all that much has changed since, apart from the addition of a beard. I’m still wearing that jacket, for one thing. (More pics from the same set here)

What else? I’m 50, single and I’m a founding partner of A Word in Edgeways storytelling company.  That’s how/where I make a living.

For fun, I coordinate Lobo Tren (Wolverton Street Band) and I’m also often part of the Festive Road carnival crew.

I’ve moved home 29 times, and have lived in Kenya and Scotland, but thankfully seem to have settled down a bit recently. I’ve lived in or near Milton Keynes for the last 8 years now. My current plan is to gradually slither into the long grass of rural Northants. Might take a while, given the current state of the financial and housing markets, but I’ll get there in the end.

I play low whistles, guitar and hand-drums. Last year being my 50th, lovely friends who should probably know better clubbed together and raised enough to buy me a tenor saxophone (thereby at a stroke both fulfilling one of my longest held ambitions and having a significantly negative impact  on  property prices in my road)…I reckon my main social talent is enticing people over to my place and cooking at them. There’s hardly any left-overs, as a general rule, so I guess that makes me a good cook, or someone with a lot of hungry friends, or both.

That’s it, for now.

Like I said, the whole idea of this site is to be a place for me to talk aloud (in one way or another).

Be good to hear from you, too…