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Works with young people

Fred and the Scary Bunny(2013)
Made during a 2hr workshop with young people from 6 – 14yrs old, to tie-in with a recent screening of Suzie Templeton’s version of Peter and the Wolf, participants created their own local version of the story. Part of MK Gallery‘s Mini Makers programme.
Duration : 1:25
Techniques : Stop-motion
Software : AnimatorDV, Premiere Pro.

Smoke and Paint (2011)
Work created with young people 16-19 yrs old, part of Film Nation : Shorts programme, a nationwide competition for young film-makers based on the olympic themes. Project organised by Bedford Creative Arts
Duration : 1:00
Techniques : Stop-motion
Software : ICan animate, Premier Pro, After Effects.

WWII Newsreel (2011)
Project with yr1/2 and yr3/4 pupils at Frieth Junior School, Buckinghamshire. The pupils interviewed family members and other people from the community about their experiences of the second world war. These interviews were then edited, and images researched to illustrate the stories. Pupils also did two video shoots, recreating war-time expereinces. Part of a the schools larger WWII project. Funded by Creative Partnerships.
A Word In Edgeways project
Duration : 12:07
Techniques : Digital storytelling, video
Software : Windows Moviemaker, Audacity

The Legend of the Glowing Green Tree (2010)
Animation project with Year 3/4 pupils at Gretton Primary School, Northamptonshire.
Based on a traditional story from Vietnam, part of a larger project on the theme of ‘The Rainforest’, funded by Creative Partnerships.
A Word In Edgeways project
Duration : 4:37
Techniques : Shadow puppetry, multi-plane stop motion, digital post effects
Software : Premiere Pro, After Effects
Music : Created by pupils

The Hanslope Centre(2007)
Film/animation project with year 6 class at Hanslope School to create a film to explain (and help market) the school’s plan to build a dedicated childrens’ centre.
Project was funded by Extended Schools, and has been featured regionally as an example of ‘best practice’
A Word In Edgeways project
Duration : 4:47
Techniques : Digital multiplane, pixelation, live action, stop-motion, digital animation
Software : Combustion, Premiere Pro
Music : Specially composed and performed by Guy Jones

2 thoughts on “education projects

  1. Thanks for sharing these delightful films – showing the value of participatory and community arts. It’s a shame that Creative Partnerships lost its funding – they did some great work in schools.

    1. Thanks for the feedback – I’ve had some good experiences with CP, but also some less good, so don’t entirely mourn it’s passing. A lot of good work happened before CP came along (I’ve been working in schools for over 20 years). What is a real concern is that there’s nothing of any substance to replace it, despite reams and reams of well researched work that underlines the solid educational value of creative approaches to education. We’re all suffering (children particularly) at the hands of a cynically populist, politically doctrinaire approach. Micheal Gove should be shamed of himself.

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