• Artworks

    Personal artworks


    The Heron King and others…

    Series of images exploring personal mythology – created for ‘Journeys’ 2nd International Artists Symposium, Silbury Group of Artists. Digitally manipulated drawings


    Vota per l’arte

    Collaboration with Alan Fletcher (inspired by local and national elections) for ‘Tor Sapienza in Arte’ festival, Rome.


    Once Upon a time

    Occasional series trying to find contemporary ways of imagining traditional/archetypal characters



    Created to illustrate/expand a poem I wrote years ago about oral storytelling

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    Year Turning

    Based on a poem about the seasons, initially as this book :

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    A few years later I used the same material as the starting point for a film;  to watch click here

    Dolls/Spice Girls

    Re-working of some famous faces, and subsequent series inspired by reflections on dolls…



    Gravity and Grief

    First foray into digital collage images – featuring scans of incomplete casts of the original ‘Heron King’ sculpture