Personal animation/video projects and experiments

Samba Snail Xmas (2012)


Bit of flash foolishness created as an Xmas ecard
Duration : 0:21
Techniques : Flash animation
Software : Flash
Music : Lobo Tren samba band

Goodbye Cruel Shelf (2011)


I brought this articulated wooden hand a couple of years ago in the Tate shop, thinking ‘that’ll be useful for some stop-motion’…
So now I’ve finally got around to it, here’s a little slice of life from the hand’s point of view…maybe
Duration : 3:53
Techniques : Stop-motion
Software : After Effects Pro, Premiere Pro
Music : ‘Mother Earth’ by Lewis Simpkins

River Dream : Southbank (2011)


Audio/visual meditation on being by the river. Experimental personal work.The source material for this piece was gathered on the Southbank in London, one afternoon in August 2010 using a Panasonic Lumix Digital camera (images) and Nokia 5800 (sound)Best viewed fullscreen, with headphones.
Duration : 12:54
Techniques : Ttreated video
Software : After Effects Pro, Premiere Pro
Music : Created from sound captured on site

Jessica Rost : An Imaginary History (2009)

[vimeo w=360 h=288]

A 40th birthday present for my friend, artist Jessica Rost.
It’s a mock documentary, and tribute to a striking and original artist.
The images, and most of the ideas, come from Jessica’s work – all I’ve done is tried to bring them to life in as sympathetic and appropriate way as possible.
Duration : 7:13
Techniques : Digital multiplane, pixelation, treated video
Software : Combustion, After Effects Pro, Premiere Pro
Music : ‘She’s not there’ – The Zombies, ‘Kashmir’ – Led Zepplin, ‘Sombre reptiles’ & ‘Third uncle’ – 801, Kinetica Bloco

Year Turning (2009)

[vimeo w=512 h=230]

This started life as a poem I wrote years ago, illustrated simply in black and white. It’s a reflection on landscape and the changes wrought by the cycle of the seasons.
Using the poem as a starting point, the film is an experiment in illustration/exploration of written/animated/spoken text.
The simple graphic shapes come were the original illustrations to the poem. All the rest of the images were shot using a small compact digital camera…I’ve been mildy obsessed with collecting sequences of shots for a while now, and this is my first attempt at doing something useful with some of them.
Duration : 4:37
Techniques : stop-frame sequences, text animations
Software : After Effects Pro, Premiere Pro
Music : All music played and recorded by me – low F and D whistles, Dumbeck

Driven to Death (2007)

[vimeo w=360 h=288]

A collaboration with artist Jessica Rost.
Everybody knows that there was once a form of wheeled life. That these strange creatures called ‘cars’ once roamed the earth along their tarmac tracks…
Exciting new archeological discoveries now seems to challenge the accepted theories – could it be that they were just artefacts, in-animate things, after all ?
Duration : 7:41
Techniques : Treated video, pixelation, vector animation
Software : Combustion, Premiere Pro
Music : ‘I like driving in my car’ – Madness

Le Nozze de Carlo  (2006)

[vimeo w=360 h=288]

A belated wedding present for my mad italian friend Carlo Gori, on the occasion of his marriage to the lovely Tomei.
Duration : 2:24
Techniques : Pixelation, vector animation, digital multiplane
Software : Combustion, Premiere Pro
Music : ‘Le Nozze de Figaro – Overture’ – W A Mozart

Falling down like snow (2001 -05)

[vimeo w=360 h=288]

I can still remember how deeply shocked I was, watching the twin-towers collapsing and catching a part of myself thinking – ‘that’s beautiful’
This piece stems partly from that reaction, and also from hearing news reports about the weather conditions in afghanistan.
An early experiment in Flash, udpated and re-created as a multiplane piece in Combustion. Still not completely satisfied….maybe I’ll come back to it sometime…
Duration : 1:53
Techniques : Digital multiplane, flash
Software : Combustion, Flash, Premiere Pro

Babel Flowers (2002)

[vimeo w=360 h=288]

Many voices, many languages (French, Polish, Lithuanian, English, Gaelic), one question – ‘can you understand me?’
If language separates us, what does it take to bring us together?
Created for ‘Journeys – 2nd International Artists Symposium, Silbury Group’ held at Westbury Farm studios, August 2002
Duration : 3:23
Techniques : Digital multiplane
Software : Combustion, Premiere

Is there anyone there ? (2002)

[vimeo w=360 h=288]

As a performance storyteller, I find myself imaginatively inhabiting the world of the story. If it’s working properly, each person in the audience will also find themselves ‘in’ the story as well.
This version of a simple Indian folktale arose out of a simple question – ‘is it possible to do the same thing through film ?’
You’ll have to decide for yourself – for me, it’s an ongoing investigation.
Duration : 1.38
Techniques : Pixelation, roto-scoped video, digital multiplane
Software : Combustion, Premiere

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