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Story Quest vol 1

Norwegian storyteller Heidi Dahlsvein has been running a storymaking challenge on her website for a while now – every week she posts an image, and anyone is invited to respond with a short story. Now she’s put-together the first ten images, and corresponding stories, into a rather lovely e-publication.

[issuu width=420 height=148 embedBackground=%23000000 backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=110926193837-6de67ed937a64c3695fbad39231e2542 name=storyquest username=friggragu tag=stories unit=px v=2]

I’ve been a semi-regular contributor – there’s some of my stories in there – and it’s a real pleasure to see someone taking the time to give it all back again.

Archer’s bench expanded

Do Try this at home

Sitting there on the bench in the sun (blog entry here for the full story) I had an idea. Rather than just write about it, why not try and use some of those new social media tools and other web 2.0 fabbyness to share …well to share some sort of experience…of slowing down.

So do please try this at home. Or wherever you happen to be. It’ll only take a minute or two.

Find some headphones, plug them into your laptop, computer or phone. Find a comfortable place to sit.

Click the play button above to hear what it sounds like.

You might want to close your eyes and imagine what it looks like….

Or you might want to explore these :

the view from the bench panorama

a composite of the whole area photosynth

Does this work for you?

Do you have your own Archer’s Bench?

Is there a place for slow-web amongst all the click-through, RT, Like and +1 ?

Please let me know, I’d love to hear from you.

3 thoughts on “Snippets

  • Nice. Sound works for me, view only if I don’t need to wait for it to raz. I use ‘Gaiam life meditation rooms’ as background sounds when my mind is steaming.

    • Thanks for giving it a go, Limor, and the feedback. Was worried about how long you have to wait to get the images, especially as they’re not immediately ‘wow’, or special…part of the point, of course. Would it be better if I just put a composite panorama on the page, I wonder?

      Conventional wisdom has it that effective use of the web is all about immediacy, speed and change. Whilst that does work, I remain obstinately dedicated to exploring ways to try and persuade people to slow down, linger a while and look around (hence ‘anti-blog’ – longer, considered, shaped and edited pieces, as opposed to quick jottings).

      Daresay there’ll be more experiments and meanderings in the same vein, when I get around to it, but don’t hold your breath, it might take me a while 🙂

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