Commissioned videos and works created for performance

Fair Play cutup (2013)
Collage of stock/found video created for short production on the theme of Fair Trade. Audio track created entirely from processed found sounds. – commissioned by Festive Road, Milton Keynes carnival arts company.
Duration : 1:14
Techniques : Video collage
Software : Premiere Pro

St Francis Childens’ Society – Childrens’ Centre (2012/13)
Commissioned by St Francis’ Childrens’ Society, for their drive to raise funds to build a childrens’ centre. One of three videos created for the society to enhance their website. A Word in Edgeways project
Duration : 5:37
Techniques : Video, motion graphics
Software : Combustion, Photoshop, SketchUp, Premiere Pro
Music : Composed by Guy Jones

38 Languages – CAB (2012)
One of three short works commissioned by the Milton Keynes branch of CAB, highlighting the range and depth of their services.
Duration : ):58
Techniques : Video, motion graphics
Software : After Effects, Premiere Pro

Commissioned by Milton Keynes Community Foundation, as part of a Gala to celebrate their 20th Anniversary
Duration : 1:34
Techniques : Digital multiplane, 3D, digital cell
Software : Combustion, Photoshop, Softimage XSI, Premiere Pro
Music : Composed by Guy Jones

First Tree
The first of 8 pieces created for  ‘and She Was’, a touring storytelling show based on an Indian Folktale. The central character in the story had the ability to transform into a tree, and these transformations (7 in all) were pivotal points in the action, each being accompanied by projection of one of the video pieces.  A Word in Edgeways project funded by Arts Council England (National Touring Projects fund)
Duration : 1:20
Techniques : Digital rotoscoping, treated video
Software : Combustion

Another of the video pieces created for ‘and She Was’ (see ‘First Tree’ above for details)
Duration : 2:10
Techniques : Digital rotoscoping, treated video
Software : Combustion

Last Tree
The last transformation piece for ‘and She Was’ (see ‘First Tree’ above for details)
Duration : 0:55
Techniques : Digital rotoscoping, treated video, digital multiplane
Software : Combustion

Creative Courtyards
Commissioned by Milton Keynes Arts for Health, to document the process of enlivening four courtyards at Milton Keynes General Hospital with sculpture and landscaping works.
Funded by Milton Keynes Community Foundation
Duration : 7:06
Techniques : Digital storytelling, animation, video.
Software : Combustion,Premiere Pro
Music : Composed and performed by Guy Jones

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