Surfing the green wave

It’s a breezy but sunny afternoon  and I’ve been cycling through the green and pleasant again. Happily traversing the gently undulating, tree-dotted and pleasantly sheepy landscape of south Northants. As is often the case when[…]

In praise of pedalling

I’d be the first to admit I’m not the fastest thing on two wheels (if God had meant this to be, I’d have been born Belgian, and have at least one ‘x’ in my name),[…]

Universal zoetrope

There’s nothing like turning a corner in the gently undulating countryside to be surprised by a sudden curving dip – like a caressing the curves of a body, hip, shoulder, belly – it’s very sensual[…]

The Wild Blue Yonder

Thankfully, the world is full of mysteries. I live in hope that some may eventually be resolved, but some will forever remain impenetrable, such as ‘just what is it about Bluebells?’ Where do they get[…]

The sound of breathing

Another sunny – stripped back, soon to be spring – Sunday, another walk in the woods.  How English, how middle class can you get? I don’t care, sometimes the effort of stepping outside the stereotype[…]

Man vs. rodent

I went for a bracing 6 mile walk several nights ago – a distressing experience in more than one way. It hurt, for one thing. This was almost a week ago, and my calves have[…]


There’s something about those tiny, hurtling, hunting scraps of life that always makes me smile…swallows, swifts, martens. I love them all. They always seem to me expressive of the sheer joy of flight, madly attempting[…]

Looking and seeing

view all the photos Went for a walk in the woods a couple of Sundays ago. Partly as an antidote to an unsuccessful shoe-buying expedition (great sale…the shop doesn’t open on Sundays, as I now[…]