Locked out

It’s good to be busy I suppose..but there’s always some other cost.

As, for example, the early morning extreme brainlessness that led me to lock myself out of my flat at 8 am last Wednesday…having got up especially early in order to drive to Welwyn Garden City for a day’s work in schools and library.

You can no doubt imagine the freedom with which I expressed myself, the instant the (downstairs) front door snicked shut and I realised what I’d done. Office keys in pocket, flat & car keys locked in flat. Bugger !!! Startled several blameless¬† passers-by. Fortunately the lady in the downstairs flat emerged not long after, and let me back in to the house.

It only took me about 15 minutes to pry my door open (bit worried about how easy it was, in retrospect. Perhaps I’ll invest in a mortice lock.) and I was only 10 minutes late in Welwyn, but the most annoying thing about the whole episode (apart from the inherent stupidity of it) is the fact that my knees still ache, on account of the strain imposed due to leverage, or something like that.

On the plus side, due no doubt to my maltreatment the flat door is now so stiff that it’s nigh impossible to open even if you have the key.

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