Je ne suis pas #Charlie

#Je suis Charlie …safe to say pretty well everyone reading this will know what Iā€™m talking about, and that the majority of you will have avowed the same via one social media channel or another.[…]

Making Monsters

Funny how things nag at you sometimes, isn’t it? How some ideas, initially little more than the flash of a fin above the surface of the conscious mind, gradually gain heft and end up looming[…]

Where the Wild Things are going

My good friends (and occasional employers) Festive Road, the Milton Keynes based Carnival company, have just finished playing host to the Carnival Network South East’s annual gala. In between cursing Powerpoint and a somewhat eccentric[…]

More than bread and circuses

I do really love a good street procession/festival, especially if it involves fire and/or fireworks. What I really want to do is join in ā€“ one of the reasons I run a street-band ā€“ but[…]