Swimming in the sky

velux.jpgThe only window in my flat that offers a clear and un-obstructed view of the sky is the velux in the roof above my bed, and that only when closed. When it’s open not only does the frame of the window itself obtrude, but at most angles you also get a reflection of the house in the street opposite.

From all the other windows there’s something else in the field of view – houses, trees, street furniture.

In the winter I don’t mind this, it’s comforting to be constantly reminded of the other lives being lived around me.bathroom-window.jpg

In the summer, especially when the weather is as balmy as it has been lately, it’s not so good.

Due to temporary lack of car (tedious and expensive), I’ve been working at home these past few days. I’ve done my best, trying to take regular breaks, gone out for little walks about the place, but it’s no good.

behind-wardrobe.jpgMore and more, I find my gaze drawn to the window, drawn to that mesmerising strip of blue. Just the faintest wisps of cloud at the moment, lazy white scribbles on a field of milky blue. And a roof, and chimney, and (my fault, this) two purple shirts hanging up to dry.

It feels like I have to squeeze myself past all these obstructions before I can get to it. Like pushing through the jungle to get to the beach. Not necessarily un-pleasant in it’s own way, but not what I want to be bothered with right now.

Right now, I want to go swimming in the sky…

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