The long way home

No matter how high the pile of tetchy letters demanding money, or how unlikely it currently seems that I’ll be ever be able to come even close to satisfying them all, there are some things[…]

Walking back to…

It’s been raining steadily for days – so heavily that our well known pre-occupation with the weather has once again been elevated to the status of news, and no bulletin has been complete without flood-warnings.[…]

The eye’s corner

There’s nothing like taking an alternative route to enliven a familiar journey. I must have driven through the Peak District to see my parents (who live just south of Manchester) tens, if not hundreds of[…]

Surfing the green wave

It’s a breezy but sunny afternoon  and I’ve been cycling through the green and pleasant again. Happily traversing the gently undulating, tree-dotted and pleasantly sheepy landscape of south Northants. As is often the case when[…]

In praise of pedalling

I’d be the first to admit I’m not the fastest thing on two wheels (if God had meant this to be, I’d have been born Belgian, and have at least one ‘x’ in my name),[…]

Universal zoetrope

There’s nothing like turning a corner in the gently undulating countryside to be surprised by a sudden curving dip – like a caressing the curves of a body, hip, shoulder, belly – it’s very sensual[…]