There’s something about those tiny, hurtling, hunting scraps of life that always makes me smile…swallows, swifts, martens. I love them all. They always seem to me expressive of the sheer joy of flight, madly attempting[…]


view all the pictures Friday night in the woods.  I know, it sounds a bit dubious, but bear with me.  Last friday it was worth it.   Artist Linda Johns currently has 9 artworks tucked[…]

Swimming in the woods

view all the pictures Lying on my back on a bench on a sunny, breezy afternoon watching the trees dance against the scudding clouds.  I was suddenly seized by a powerful feeling of being underwater[…]

Looking and seeing

view all the photos Went for a walk in the woods a couple of Sundays ago. Partly as an antidote to an unsuccessful shoe-buying expedition (great sale…the shop doesn’t open on Sundays, as I now[…]